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Learner driver insurance...

As a Driving Standards Approved (DSA) qualified driving instructor one of the most common questions I am asked by pupils is how many lessons will I need to pass my test. This is not an easy question to answer as every pupil is different. Your age can be a big factor as younger learners generally will pass sooner than older ones. A formula to give you a rough idea based on your age is:
Hours required = Age x 1.5

If you have ridden a motorbike or moped on the road this will shorten the length of time required to pass as you will have gained some road knowledge.

So, initially it is difficult to say exactly how many lessons you will require. Once you start your lessons we will then be able to have a better more accurate idea of the number of lessons required.

To help you practice your driving and pass your test quicker we recommend that if at all possible you practice driving in your own or family car. However, this can be expensive to have you added as a driver to any existing family or friends insurance and may effect any no claims bonus if you have an accident and have to claim. To overcome this we have partnered with Collingwood Learner Insurance who offer insurance for the individual learner, so in the event of an accident your existing no claims bonus is unaffected.

Collingwood Frequently Asked Questions:

How old do I need to be to take out Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance?
You must be at least 17 years old as you need to hold a valid UK motor car provisional driving licence to qualify.

Can I drive any vehicle?
You can drive any vehicle providing a policy has been purchased in your name for the vehicle, its value is under 20,000 and if a group 15 or below in the Collingwood Insurance Company Limited car group scale.

Can I insure a car I own?

Can I use my Collingwood Learner Driver policy to tax my car?
Yes - Providing you are the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Does the car need to be insured elsewhere?
If you are the registered keeper/owner of the insured vehicle, the policy offers comprehensive insurance as detailed in the policy document and therefore does not need to be insured elsewhere.

If you are not the registered keeper/vehicle owner then the policy only covers the vehicle whilst you are undergoing driving tuition, therefore, the vehicle owner should have the vehicle insured elsewhere.

Can I insure more than one vehicle?
You can cover more than one vehicle providing you purchase a seperate policy for each vehicle.

How many people can drive the vehicle I insure?
The Learner Driver policy covers the named policy holder only.

What is the insurance excess on the Learner Driver policy?
A Damage Excess of 350*. A Fire & Theft Excess of 350*. No seperate windscreen cover is provided.

* Excesses will be reduced by 100 if using the approved repairer network.

Who can accompany me?
You must be accompanied by a driver of over 21 who has held a valid full UK/EU licence for at least 3 years.

Can I change between cars?
Yes. A change of vehicle or any other amendment is subject to an intermediary's insurance service fee of 20.00

Does Collingwood insure new qualified or young qualified drivers?
Unfortunately, not at present.

Vehicle Owner Frequently Asked Questions

Will my no claims bonus be affected if the learner has an accident in my car?
No. If they have an accident whilst driving under supervision in your vehicle whilst holding a valid Learner Driver policy for that vehicle, the claim will be made against their policy - not yours.

Do I have to supervise the policy holder if they are driving my car?
No. Anyone who has held a full UK/EU driving licence for three years or more and is aged over twenty one can supervise them.

For further information and to book your Learner Driver Insurance please click the following link:

Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

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