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Pass Plus...

What is Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a six-module voluntary course designed and backed by the Government's Driving Standards Agency and insurers to develop the skills and knowledge of newly qualified drivers and broaden their driving experience. The modules will not all take the same amount of time to cover, but each six-module course must consist of a minimum of six hours training, five and a half of which must be practical in-car driving.

The Syllabus:

Pass Plus consists of an additional course of six specially designed training sessions or modules to follow on from a successful practical driving test. The six modules are:

  • Town driving
  • All-weather driving
  • Out of town driving and rural roads
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways
When you have successfully completed the Pass Plus course you will receive a certificate from the Driving Standards Agency.

How Will I Benefit?

The aim of Pass Plus is to enable the new driver to:

  • develop their existing  skills
  • acquire the new skills and knowledge that make for positive driving
  • further develop anticipation skills, plan for and deal with hazards safely
  • understand how to reduce their risk of having a crash
  • maintain a courteous and considerate attitude to other road users

Pass Plus really works in helping to make newly qualified drivers safer and better drivers. Newly qualified drivers are much more vulnerable than they realise. Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident within their first two years of driving than at any other time in their driving career. In their first year of driving, one driver in five is involved in a crash and two young people under 25 die every day in crashes in Great Britain.

Many insurers also give a discount to people taking Pass Plus - equivalent to a one-year no claims bonus. You may also be able to defer the bonus for up to 2 years.

When Can I Do The Course:

You can take Pass Plus within your first year of passing the practical driving test.

To contact us and book your Pass Plus course call or text 07712813947 or 01604 244605

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