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Theory test...


Before taking your Practical Driving Test you must first complete your Theory and Hazard Perception Tests. Both parts must be passed at the same sitting to obtain your theory test pass certificate.  Your test certificate is valid for two years and you must pass your practical test within this time or you will need to retake the test.

Theory Test

The Theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. These questions cover a wide range of driving topics. By touching a computer screen you answer the multiple choice questions. You must answer 43 or more correctly within 57 minutes to pass the theory test.

Hazard Perception Test

After 3 minutes the Hazard Perception Test will follow on from the Theory Test. First, you will be shown a short tutorial video explaining how to carry out the hazard perception test. 

The hazard perception test contains a series of 14 video clips each lasting approximately 1 minute. Every video features a real road clip and there are a total of 15 scoreable hazards. 13 of the video clips will contain one hazard and the other 2 will contain two. The video clips will show a number of hazards, but the only ones that are scored are the developing ones. Once you see a developing hazard you must respond by clicking your right or left mouse button as preferred.

When you click your mouse a red flag will appear at the bottom of the screen to indicate a response has been made and has been recorded. The earlier the developing hazards are recognised and your mouse button is pressed the higher your score will be.

You must score at least 44 out of a maximum of 75 points to pass this element of the test. Each video will be displayed once so you must concentrate. You cannot go back and retake any of them.

Completion of the test

If you have been successful at both parts of the test you will be awarded your pass certificate at the end of your test. You should retain this certificate in a safe place as it will be required for your Practical Driving Test

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